About Baby-Dog

Yo, I’m a little brindle French Bull Dog from the streets of New York. I was rescued and brought to live in Scottsdale, AZ by a kid named Kyle. Just to let you know, I’m pretty masculine looking, but alas, I am a girl and I’m going to be 6 soon.

In “the City” (I can call it that because I’m from there) a lot of people get dogs like me as more of an accessory than anything else, a status symbol if you will. These twerps, as I like to call them, don’t always realize how much love, attention and sidewalk time sweet little dogs like me, really need.

You all know who I’m talking about, you’ve seen them, everyone from Paris Hilton with Tinkerbell to Britney Spears with Little Lily, Porkchop, Bit-Bit, Sean Preston and Jayden James (Oops… some of those might be her kids) to Jessica Simpson with Daisy…BARF!!!

Even though we come in a wide range of sizes and colors, we small dogs are much more than a Juicy Couture Sweatshirt or Louis Vuitton Bag (although I think some of these people get us little dogs just so they can carry us the a LV dog carrier).

In any case, a few years ago, Frenchies like me were a hot ticket… Anna Wintour, the Editor in Chief of Vouge (think “The Devil Wears Prada”) ONLY has Frenchies… probably because we are cute in a gremlin/gargoyle type way, short and stout and don’t shed.

For some reason an NYU Student decided that she wanted to buy me, she got me from the same breeder that Wintour got her Frenchies and paid like 3500 bucks for me (I’m special, a lot more special that that little freak Mr. Winkle who looks a lot more like a doggie-cosmetology experiment GONE BAD than the “Cutest Living Dog in the World” but more about that later).

In any case, this NYU chick soon realized that, dogs and dorms don’t go together… neither do clubbing until 4 a.m., smoking, sleeping-in, study sessions or romantic candle-light dinners. BUT, she paid $3500 bucks for me and wanted that money BACK… woe is me, to be seen only as a commodity… what a life.

NYU Girl put an ad in the “All the News that’s Fit to Print” Times, in an attempt to SELL-ME… oh, yeah, she named me ANGEL… and now she wanted to sell me. Luckily for me, a sweet and caring woman that sells modern art, loves Frenchies, and rescues dogs, saw the ad and inquired. She explained to said NYU Girl, that she would take Angel off her hands and find a really good home for her (me) but would NOT pay her.

NYU Girl spoke with her parents, but of course they were skeptical, they thought that Art Lady was going to take me and then sell me herself, so this made for quite a conundrum…

These Old Folks saw the same ad in the paper that Art Lady did— they bought me from NYU Student and next thing I knew I was singing, “I’m moving on up, moving on up, to the Eastside, to the Eastside… to a big old apartment in the sky..i…i.” However, life wasn’t all that grand. The Old Folks kept me for ONE day ONLY, and my Upper East Side existence faded into the past. Why, do you ask? I’m not sure if it was my contempt for Mr. Winkle, or that I refused to change my breed from “French Bulldog” to “Freedom Bulldog” or just that I was just too much of a puppy for them to handle, but I was given the proverbial boot pretty fast.

So, NYU Girl thought she had me off her hands and out of her dorm, but I was back, and she didn’t want me (And, I’m supposed to be the Bitch?), so she called Art Lady and said she could have me for free. Art Lady took me in and down to the gallery in SoHo where she worked, their I met a young lass named Amy, and Amy had a little brother who was visiting from Scottsdale… who just so happened to be having a birthday and just so happened to be wanting a dog.

I met Kyle and loved him right away, his smile and his big blue eyes. He became my first and number one best friend, but he has lots of sisters and brothers and friends with other small non-accessorized pooches that I’ve become friends with. He brought me home to AZ on a plane and I’ve been living it up ever since.

One more little twist to the story, Kyle renamed me. He changed my name from Angel to Sue, because he likes the song, “A Boy Named Sue.” I like the name, less ethereal, more down to earth, just like cute little me.

If you want a dog, try and rescue one before you buy, if you do buy, please don’t use us as fancy accessories, that’s what babies and Bugaboo Strollers are for.

Pictures of meeeeee

More about my ongoing feud with Mr. Winkle

More about my take on the United Nations

And, Why France is SO MUCH BETTER than the UK


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